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On 20th June 2014 the NSW Metropolitan Public Libraries Association and Public Libraries New South Wales voted to amalgamate and became the New South Wales Public Libraries Association Incorporated.

The NSW Metropolitan Public Libraries Association no longer exists so this website will not be updated but will be maintained temporarily in its present state for archival purposes.


Public libraries in New South Wales:

  • Deliver an economic benefit of $4 for every dollar invested
  • Lend over 50.5 million items and receive 37 million visits annually
  • Have an annual expenditure of nearly $330 million, 93% of which is provided by Local Government Councils and the remainder is provided by the State Government.

With the assistance of  Local Government NSW and the Australian Libraries and Information Association, a co-ordinated campaign is now underway to bring the funding situation to the attention of decision makers and the community.   

Find out more about the Campaign, what we are seeking and how you can support it at:








Contact Details

Postal Address: The Secretary
Manager, Library Services 
City of Canterbury
PO Box 77
Campsie NSW 2194
Email: The Secretary 
Telephone: 02 9789 9423

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